What is blocktree?

BlockTree is a team of professionals with years experience in the delivery bulk hashrate and collocation services. We are based in hydroelectricity-abundant Central Washington. Our team is lead by Brian Snyder, a Berkeley-educated Mechanical Engineer and founder of Graymatter Industries. He goes by "Graymatter" on the forums and also owns MiningRigs.net.

When do you have more capacity opening up?


What are your prices?

Our pricing depends on type of miner, volume, and payment terms, but can range between $55/kw/mo and $99/kw/month. Please contact us for a quote.

what uptime will i get? what is your service level?

BlockTree has an industry-leading service level agreement that ensures that if your miner is offline, you will not be paying for it. In the unlikely event that we don't meet our service level, we guarantee to our customers that they can terminate their contract without penalty.

Can I send you some gpu miners I built myself?

To ensure high reliability and up-time we run in a standardized facility designed around Graymatter cases and other proprietary technology. In most cases we therefore require customers who want to GPU mine to purchase our custom-designed GPU mining product.

what hardware are you currently basing your builds around?

Given that being able to purchase 500 series cards in bulk is still months out, we are currently basing our builds around the RX 470 and the RX 480

Are there customs on the importation of bitcoin miners into the united states?

No customs. There is a small merchandise processing fee assessed, however.

DO I have to pay sales taxes?

Unless the entity that signs has nexus in State of Washington, there are no sales taxes assessed.

How quickly will I see my hashrate?

From the commencement date, you will see about 90% of your purchased hashrate. Over time as we tune the firmware on your cards in the next few months you will see your hashrate climb from there.